“The world needs that special gift that only you have.”


Dear single mom

Hey girl! 

First off, let me give you a massive applause. 

24/7, you stay on top of things, like a real boss woman.  

You are fiercely passionate about raising awesome human beings.  

Moreover, you know you have become a better human too.  

As I salute you, please doff your hat to yourself.  

You desire to be the best mum for your children but there are also the amazing dreams you want to accomplish.


Your culture, society and religion directly and indirectly teaches you that women should not dream too big. 
For single moms, it even worse. 
To the society, which is highly patriarchal, your status is somehow 100% your fault.

You hear people say things like:
“You need to work on your looks and attitude
“You should find a man who will take care of you and your children, if you are lucky”

You keep hearing things that makes you question your worth and everything you believe about yourself.
You find yourself in the judgement of people who do not know you or your story.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where the mothers are still to blame for absent dads “because they picked them.”
The judgement is alarming: some are subtle, while others are obvious, but it is always there.


You are sometimes in some funny mood/ state, which makes you wonder:

Maybe it is your fault. Maybe you could have done better, prayed and fasted more.

Maybe you were not grateful enough for that situation you walked away from…knowing that others probably had it rougher that you did.

Maybe there is really no point to ‘hustling’.

Maybe you cannot have it all.

Maybe life just sucks and that is all.


Physically, you are always tired and sleep deprived 

You have not fully healed, emotionally

You are struggling emotionally and psychologically 

You have too many bills: you are always broke, as per single parent income/budget of course

You do not have enough time: 

…you can’t seem to find the time to work on your dreams, so you put them on hold until the future, and we all know that the future is already here. 


You are easily irritated, 

You feel unfulfilled and; 

You know you need a way out of this vicious cycle.

Does this sound like you?

Well, good news, mom!

You CAN have it all.

And I can help you get there…

I know that because I have been there myself and I still am.

Are you thinking:

HOLD ON a minute… 

I am not a single mom though!”



I have something for you as well. 

I can help you to:  

…shift your mindset, parent your child consciously, maximize your resources and to manifest your desires.

You will find the great articles on my experiences and things I’ve learnt on website to be very useful

Check out some resources

You will find great and practical resources curated based on my experiences handy

Who am I?

Hey, my name is ‘Ronke, a Productivity and Transformational Enthusiast and the founder of The Square Peg Wonder (TSPW). I am a certified teacher, an engineer, a lecturer and a single mum of three boys. You can read more about my story here.

I started TSPW with aim of helping single mums like me to heal and maximise their resources so that they can manifest the kind of life that they genuinely want and love.

God and the universe has so much more He wants us to be. I believe that challenging life experiences (like this single parenting situation or any other types of challenges you face) are supposed to help awaken the giant within us.

It is not as hard as you think. If I can keep going, I hope to inspire you that you can keep going too.

WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO ME? Well, the thing is that, its actually not about me; it is about you and I am only going to help you achieve and grow. That said, you should listen to me because I have “been there”.

I am delighted to walk and work with you, and be part of your journey. I would like to meet you (virtually or physically). I hope to share my journey with you and listen to you too. 

I want to learn about your challenges and know how to best serve you. I am here for you.

Let’s do this.


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