About Me

Hey, I am Ronke Lawal. I am devoted to documenting my journey and sharing ideas, resources, and programs that helps me grow.

I am a Nigerian woman and a happy-go-lucky single mom of three amazing boys. I live with sickle cell (Hb SC) and so I am a strong survivor who never allow anything put me down for too long as I try to live the best life that I can. I happen to be one of the most resilient people you have encountered.

I am a registered teacher in Nigeria as well as a university lecturer. I am also a certified Engineer with my third degree coming along. I have a passion to share with you, the very best of what I am living and learning. Like most Nigerian women, I am a serial entrepreneur: dressmaker, makeup artist, bookseller, and digital product creator.

I love great food, cute dresses, no-makeup makeup, books, parenting, teaching, sewing, writing, figuring things out, learning new stuff, traveling, movies and MUSIC!

I believe that traditional rules were made before I got here and so, they don’t all apply to me. I constantly have out-of-the-box ideas and unconventional strategies. let’s just say I am a non-conformist.

I know I am not the only one, so I am very excited to build a tribe of “square peg wonders” who desire to thrive and achieve every single one of their fabulous dreams.

My Single Mom Story

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On this page, I share the summary of my story.

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The beginning

 I had a child for someone who walked away (and never looked back) when I was about 2 months pregnant. Years later, I got the courage to put myself out there again. I had two more kids with someone I fell in love with and married. As it turned out, the last kid was only one month old when I had to set out alone, and with three kids to raise by myself. 

Both times, I hit rock bottom!

I wondered how I would care for the child(ren).

I wondered if I could enjoy true joy and peace of mind;

How will the rest of my life play out?

I had doubts if I was good enough.

I kept asking why “this” was happening to me.

I wondered if I could achieve all my goals and live the dreams I hold dear to my heart.

I did not believe I could ever be truly happy.

That is not even mentioning all the family dramas and social stigma.



Where things changed

In all these deep sh%t…

I desired to get my confidence back.

I desired to leave depression behind and get my happy-go-lucky self back

I desired to win and to thrive!

I desire to get my life back on track as if that whole “episode” never happened.

I needed to thrive not just survive,

I needed to provide for the boys and give them the best of me.

I did it!

And I DID it!

 It took me an extraordinary amount of resilience, courage, and learning.

Let’s just say that I went into overdrive mode: I stopped wasting time with situations that didn’t serve me anymore

I worked hard at my small businesses (as a dressmaker, a makeup artist, and a bookseller)

I looked for wisdom and knowledge everywhere I could

And boom! My passions and purposes were BIRTHED!

I got a lecturing job that confirmed my passion for teaching and mentoring

I got an education diploma and became a certified teacher in Nigeria

I became a registered engineer in Nigeria

I got my master’s degree and I am currently on my doctorate, with dreams of an MBA

My boys are doing ‘all-round’ amazing (happy, helpful and kind; doing excellent at school)



Where things got better

And it got better: The above listed are some sort of triumphs for me no doubt, but the crux of my achievement was much more internal. I am actually most proud of these:

My mindset and spirituality evolve to higher states every day.

I have more Faith.

My character has greatly improved: I am always grateful,

I have become more patient.

I work hard and I seek to delay gratification

A typical day in my life is very intense yet I feel a lot of peace and joy every day, its incredible.

And, now...

I am devoted to sharing with you, the very best of what I’m living and learning because I believe that it will help many others like me. 

“I am not perfect in anyway and I dont know it all.”

"Like you, I am still a work-inprogress"

“Whenever I mess up, I am always honest and I readily take responsibility”

If you think this may be for you,

 (I don’t think that it is for everybody), 


I want to be part of your success story

I want to give you an additional support system

I want to share out-of-the-box ideas with you

I want to give you access to tried and tested strategies to achieve your personal goals.

I want to serve you and help you manifest and build a life that you desire.

By the way...

This is a business and I hope to earn from it. I will be selling things.  And if that goes very well, you can expect 90% of my content to be free!

Expect my content to be around what I have learned and experienced on single parenting, personal development, health and fitness, mental health and sex.

Expect laughter, out-of-the-box ideas, knowledge, wisdom, friendship, community, support system, and so much fun.

 OMG, you read this till the end! Thank you for taking the time to visit this space.

I am thrilled that we have somehow connected and I am excited for the journey ahead.