The Square Peg Wonder

The Square Peg Wonder (TSPW) is a platform that helps high impact moms (particularly, single moms) to create the life they love by focusing on all aspects of healing and by maximizing their resources.

While the resources on this site are curated with single moms in mind, any high impact individual who desires to achieve more will benefit too. This site is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help spur you into action so that you can MANIFEST your dream family, business or life.

TSPW aims at building on the many years of inspirational and motivational messages you have consumed from different sources around you. All resources are therefore actionable so that you can begin to see results immediately however small. 

What we Do

TSPW will help you with the following:

Heal and Grow

Heal you mind,
Grow your faith,
Experience mindset shifts,
Advance your soft skills,
Improve your finances

Maximize Your Resources

Manage your time,
Optimize your energy,
Eliminate unproductive cycles

Manifest Your Dream Life

Remove mental and financial mindblocks,
Do more of all the things you love,
Attain joy & innerpeace,
Show up as the best version of yourself 24/7,
Live a full life

What to expect

TSPW is also a community where you as a membership can feel safe to be vulnerable as well as to brag about your awesomeness and wonder. It is support system and sisterhood, which will be here for you, no matter what. It is a community where we bare it all ‘unashamed’

To reiterate, TSPW may motivate you but it is more about helping you to taking actionable steps and investing in yourself.

To stop dreaming, start doing.

If you are not there yet, that is very ok. You are still loved and welcomed with no less love. We hope that being part of this community will help you become someone who takes immediate action faster than you used to.

“Ready to start DOING more?

roll with high impact SINGLE moms in a safe & productive space

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