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"Change is the end result of all true learning."
- Leo Buscaglia

Forgiveness & Healing Book


 “When you forgive yourself and others, you pave a golden path to emotional stability, peace and joy.”  Ronke Lawal

Practical steps to let go of hurt, anger, resentment and bitterness;

Forgive yourself; forgive others; get emotional stability;

Pave your path to peace and joy;


Become whole and comfortable in your own skin.


Time Management Book


– Insights and knowledge to manage your time better

– Self-made road map authored by your awesome self, to use on your journey to double your productivity

– Time management planner and scheduling sheets


Thrive Easy Club


A self-improvement socitey: 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.” –Maya Angelou


Membership Features:

— Training Workshops & courses Vault

— Private book club

— Monthly Group Coaching Session

— Toolkit Tutorials on trending technologies

— Monthly Goal-Settings 

 — Accountability Partner Matching

— Membership in the Private Community

— Weekly Connection Hour (networking)


— And more.

Canva Course


– Create graphics that attract paying customers to your small business;

– Build a kickass personal brand online. 


Learn to create: 

picture posts; quote posts; videos; product mockups; customer testimonials; iphone & PC frames; instagram puzzle posts; instagram highlights; alphabets embedded with images, picture-mix grids & more. 

Sleep Training Ebook



  • – Sleep training manual with actionable steps
  • – Get your kids in bed early, same time everyday
  • – Achievable in 3-7 days
  • – Establish self-designed bedtime traditions

Clarity Calls

“You dont need more motivation. What you need is clarity, more discipline and accountability”- Unknown


I have helped provide clarity to several individuals (especially women) on productivity, time management, business issues or complex life challenges they are experiencing. 

For almost 7 years, I have also done the same for university students in my capacity as one of their lecturers and staff advisors. I can help you too.

I have a special gift of positivity, critical thinking and deep wisdom. 

You get to pick my brains and I will share my insights and give you a clearly stated, step-by-step strategy to move forward and get the results you desire.

Business Starter Bundle



1. How to set up payment pages and links for your products for free.

2. How to write sales copy for your products

3. How to set up a free website for your business.

4. How to write up content for the sections of your website 

5. How to choose theme, colours and fonts for your personal brand/business.

6. How to use Canva for your business’ graphic design needs.

7. How to design an elegant logo for your business using Canva.

8. How to register your business name and company with CAC by yourself.

9. How to use a business plan template for your business plan

10. How to define your ideal client so as to give the right free offers and craft amazing paid offers.

Bonus: Template for biz plan; Free resources for business building; and Group Coaching Session.

"If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result."
- Idowu Koyenikan

ALL of these products are thoughtfully and passionately created from my personal experiences and with the intention of helping you achieve even better results than I got.

Success Stories

I did not know how to use certain tools on canva and most importantly I did not know that using canva on the PC is far better than the mobile app. I've achieved better design templates. My one-on-one class was a very educative session, totally worth your time if you design and for sure better than most learning packages I've seen so far. Ronke is very detailed in explaining and can also give one on one sessions based on requests.
Bisayo Aderibigbe
Marketing Consultant/ Founder Chocolate Legend [@agnosyscod @chocolatelegend]
Before this session, I struggled with a lot of things especially the confidence in taking some decisions regarding my children's fathers. With the help of this session, I have been able to understand many things like loving and appreciating myself & my accomplishments. I now understand that my decisions should never come from a place of anger. "Mamas, there is no need holding back and keeping to yourself! From time to time you would need clarity on some situations or in taking some decisions. Just book a session with Ronke...she might not necessarily have all the answers but she would definitely help you have an unbiased clarity!"
Olatokunbo Alabi
Mum of 2, Math teacher, Coordinator of Tk's VMC and MIE Expert. [tkglam2003]
I had challenges with how to plan my time as a single mu, How to be more productive with my time, How to get my "alone" time. The ebook helped me understand the importance of a mindset shift if I want to achieve anything good for my self... You wanna live productively,plan your life,if you wanna plan your life,if you wanna plan your life, PLAN YOUR TIME...if you want to plan your time,read this e-book. Ronke brought me a big revelation in such a dire time

Marquis Olufunke

Sales manager, fashion enthusiast and mom of 2 [@moodee_thrift]

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