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There are many ways in which you can work with me. 


A program devoted to help single moms who are already clear on what they want to do but need a get-going boost, or clarity before proceeding on a new venture. Or maybe you need some guidance on how to go about things. You may also book TSPW PICK-MY-BRAIN sessions in order to consult and ask me questions.


A program devoted to help single moms to achieve a short-term (60-90 Days) specific dream or goal e.g. finish a thesis, write a book, start a blog, launch a product, start a business etc. 

This package includes brainstorming sessions; working with you to structure and simplify the steps, identifying tools and strategies needed. 

This is for you if you are stuck. On the other hand, maybe you cannot find the time to get that mini-project done. You may be overwhelmed with the steps on how to make it a reality or maybe you are tired of procrastination. You may also be in need of confidence, clarity and accountability. 


I would love to connect with and motivate your audience as a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator at your next program, event or retreat. I am a certified teacher, experienced lecturer and an engaging speaker.  I can speak at events and retreats for individual, small businesses and corporate organisations. 

I specifically enjoy speaking about personal development, time management, spirituality, work- life balance & ICT.



Is there any topic you would like me to contribute to in writing? I would love to create content for articles or posts for you.

Corporate Engagement

I am available to facilitate workshops with Corporate Organisations to motivate and empower their working mothers. Most moms are more that 90% responsible for home and child upkeep. These could easily married moms as well as single moms. I am passionate about seeing mothers productive at work and at home, living their best lives.

Topics may include Productivity, Grief Recovery, Building Confidence, Goal Setting, Stress Management etc.

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